Google Drive – Opening And Updating Your Stored Files

In this article, you are going to learn how to open all your stored files correctly.

Google Drive – Previewing And Downloading Your Stored Files

In this article you, you will learn how how download all your stored files and preview them. If you want to preview your stored files on the web you should do the following. In order to check quickly all your personal files on Google Drive you will need to right click and choose the option “Preview”.

Google Drive – Accessing Your Personal Files In Offline Mode

Do you know that all your files which have been successfully synced in Google Drive can be easily accessed in the offline mode. In order to do this you will need just you Chrome web browser. As you can see, long plane flights or outages on the internet will not prevent you from your work on Google Drive.

Google Drive – Synchronizing And Accessing Personal Files

Do you remember what we had to do to access our files from other devices before Google Drive? Before Google Drive was created and presented to the public, we had to make a lot of copies of our original copies in order to be able to access those files from another computer or device. Now, everything is easier thanks to Google Drive. We do not have to date all copies once we have made a small correction to the original file. We can forget about all this manual work forever. Google Drive is a great tool which simplified our daily work simply by launching automatically sync process. Now we can sync all our files across any device or web browser.

Google Drive – Accessing Personal Files From Other Devices

The first thing you have to do is to synchronize your personal files. Once this is done, all these synced files can be accessed from any other device or web browser.

Google Drive – moving your files to the desktop folder “Google Drive”

Have you just installed Google Drive on our personal computer? Now, it is time to get all your personal files stored from your desktop.

Google Drive – Storing Your Files

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to tore your personal files with the help of Desktop Sync Client. Next time, when you want to open your files and work on them from your desktop, or simply store these files in Google Drive, you will need to install “Google Drive for Mac/PC”. Desktop Sync Client is simply the best for storing a big number of your personal files. This process will not take a long time to have all needed files uploaded to Google Drive. Note that if you make the decision to install Desktop Sync Client a bit later, all your Google Drive files will not be affected. They can be still accessed from the web-based version of Google Drive.