Extra Drawing Features Inside PowerPoint Program

If you use PowerPoint and PPT Temlates you can select certain parts of written words or ink drawing. So, if you want to select a certain element of your word/drawing, you will need to use the tool “Lasso”. Note, that it is impossible to use the tool “Lasso” for selecting non-ink pictures, shapes, etc.

  • Refer to “Ink Tools” on the tab “Pens” and press “Lasso Select”.

    Shows Lasso Select button in Ink Tools

  • Use your finder or pen and keep on dragging in order to draw a circle just around the part of your selected word/drawing. You will see a dashed faded region appears around it. Once you are finished, the part which you lassoed will get selected.

    Shows portion of a drawing selected by Lasso Tool in PowerPoint

How to remove certain parts of words/drawings?
  • Go to the tab “Pens” under “Ink Tools”, press the arrow which is placed below “Eraser”.

  • Choose the size of your eraser.

    Shows Eraser button in Ink Tools in Office

  • With the help of your finger/pen, you will need to choose certain parts of your word/ink drawing which you want to remove.

How to convert your drawing to shapes?

Using PowerPoint you are able to convert ink drawings into shapes on your touch screen.

  • Go to the section “Ink Tools” > “Pens” > “Convert to Shapes”.

    Shows the Convert to Shapes button in Ink Tools

  • Use your finger/pen in order to draw a desired shape on PowerPoint slide. PPT program will convert your ink drawing into a shape automatically.

  • In order to stop the process of shapes conversion, you will need to press “Convert to Shapes” once again.

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