How Do Your Share PowerPoint Presentations

Now, it is not a problem to make a PowerPoint presentation if you know the bases. Once, an effective PowerPoint presentation has been created, you can share it with other people. This is very practical for getting feedback and developing productive collaboration. Do not hesitate sharing your PowerPoint presentation.

Below, you will find the list of applications which are the best for sharing presentations and embedding them directly on websites.

  • Presentain

    You can upload your Keynote/PowerPoint presentation to this app. You will get the link which you can share with your target audience for joining your presentation via own devices. This app allows ro run interesting polls, ask questions and easily interact with people. It is possible to make audio recordings/narrations and share them when you feel like.

  • Poll Everywhere

    This is the best app for doing polls. The only thing you will have to do is to make your own poll questions and get the look of your chart customized. Also, you can set the way your target audience will respond to your questions directly from their phones/messengers in real-time. All completed reports can be downloaded for further analyze.

  • SlideDog

    This app will simplify your work with various media, such as PDF files, movie clips, PowerPoint presentations, web pages, etc. Using this tool, you can combine different platforms and get full viewing experience. Its interface is drag-and-drop and very simple for playing, arranging, and organizing your media into a clear order.

  • Speaker Deck

    This app is perfect for embedding your presentations on web pages. You will need to get your presentation exported to PDF format, upload it into this app and it will be divided into individual slides with an embed code. Your presentation can be added to Speaker Deck catalog which will definitely increase your potential.

  • SlideShare

    This is the most popular app for sharing slides. You will need to register, upload your presentation and share it with the world. It is very easy to get comments and feedback from people. This is a great social network for sharing your content. If you are proud of your presentation, show it off and gain much more exposure.

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