MS Word – Is It Convenient For Reading Documents

In this article you will learn how to read documents directly in Microsoft Word in the most convenient way. There are many great tools for reading built-in directly into Microsoft Office, such as reading pages through documents, adding comments, defining words, translating words, copying text, highlighting text, etc. Also, it is possible to get the full screen mode turned on or off.

Most of people use Word for writing or editing and very rare people use it for reading their documents. For this you will need to press “View” and tap “Read Mode”. By doing this all writing tools and menus will be hidden and you will have enough room for reading the pages. Read Mode will fit the layout to your device, applying columns and the most convenient size of the font. All these tools can be easily adjusted.

Read mode in Word

If you need to leave Read Mode, you will need to press “View” > “Edit Document”. Once you start using the controls for reading, you should not forget that it is possible to zoom in/out some objects, such as images. You can get certain sections collapsed or watch different kinds of embedded video content. You have the right to adjust the layout, the color of your pages and columns. And finally, if you want to move around your MS Word document quickly, just open the page “Navigation”.

Image of portion of View menu in Read Mode, with Edit Document option selected.

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