Discover Drawing Tools In PowerPoint

Start with selecting the button “Pen Tools” (see the left corner of your screen).In order to erase just a single ink markings, you will need to press the option “Erase”.If you want to erase all your ink marking, you will need to press the option “Erase All Ink on Slide”.Screenshot of PowerPoint 2013Once your PowerPoint slide show has ended, there will be two options “Keep” and “Discard” your ink markings which occurred while delivering your PowerPoint presentation.

How To Access Drawing Tools in PowerPoint

There are a lot of useful drawing tools which are provided by PowerPoint. You should know how to access them while creating and delivering your PowerPoint slide show. To give you an example, your mouse pointer can be changed to a pen/highlighter. This is the easiest way to draw people’s attention to the major points in PowerPoint slide. It is also possible to jump around to certain PowerPoint slides or get access to various programs directly from the taskbar.

Previewing Your Timings And Narrations

When you start recording your timing and narration in PowerPoint presentation, it is important to know how to play with the ink. In this article we will have a look how to modify the color of your ink. You should start with pressing “Ink Color”.Shows pointer options menu in PowerPointOnce you have chosen the right color, you can end the recording by clicking right button of your mouse on the final PowerPoint slide and pressing the option “End Show”.

PowerPoint Slide Show Recording – Understanding Available Options

In this post you will get a clear and short description of available options when you start recording your PowerPoint Slide Show.Slide timing/animation timingWhen we work on our PowerPoint slides, the program records all the spent time on each and every PowerPoint slide automatically. PowerPoint records even animation steps and the usage of triggers on every PowerPoint slide.Laser pointer/ink/narrationsPowerPoint makes it possible to record the voice of the presenter while running through PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint – How To Record Slide Show With Timing And Narration

Why do we need timings and narrations? They help us enhance a self-running or web-based slide show. Your PowerPoint presentation can be easily recorded if you have a microphone, a webcam, speakers and a sound card. Also, it is possible to capture various ink gestures, narrations, and PowerPoint slide timing.Once, the recording is complete, you can play your PowerPoint presentation for your target audience in Slide Show mode.

PowerPoint For Mac – Turn The Mouse Into The Laser Point

This short tutorial will be useful for people who create their PowerPoint presentations using Mac computers. You will learn how to turn your mouse into the laser point. While delivering your PowerPoint presentation, switching to the laser point will help you to attract the attention of your target audience to the major point on your PowerPoint slide.Follow these instructions:Go to the tab “Slide Show” and press “Play from Start”/”Play from Current Slide”.

Is It Possible To Change Color Of Laser Point While Working In PowerPoint

This short tutorial will teach you a nice skill how to modify the color of your laser point while delivering PowerPoint presentations. If you are familiar with PowerPoint program you know that the default color of a laser point is red. Do you know that blue and green colors are available as well? Changing the color of a laser point will make your entire look of your PowerPoint presentation more unique and eye-appealing.