PowerPoint Design Tips For Users Without Creative Background

Designing a professional PowerPoint presentation is a challenging task, and particularly for non-creative users. Nowadays, the standards for presentation design is as high as they have never been before. So, you should forget about a boring bullet-pointed PowerPoint presentation. Te following tips will help you create a good-looking presentation even without a design background.

You should incorporate the following tips:
  • Remain consistent

Being always consistent is very important if you want to design a professional PowerPont presentation. Make sure that all ppt slides have a common design. You should use similar matching colors, fonts, and images, as they come from the same family. Try to pick a handful fonts and colors and use only them through your entire PowerPoint presentation. Acting like this you will make your chaotic slides look cohesive and well-polished.

  • Forget about PowerPoint theme box

It is not a secret that PowerPoint program offers a lot of themes which are already built-in. You can use them but be ready to look amateur. Avoid using ready-made ppt templates and better visit web resources to find something more creative and unique. Do not be afraid to invest some money in order to receive not only a create design, but some professional support.

  • Minimize your text content

Do you know that people tend to process images around 60,000 times faster than a plain text content. That is why you should avoid using too much text on your PowerPoint slides. People find images and videos to be much ore entertaining and easy to remember. So, abundance using vast text content and make a truly engaging slideshow with interesting visual content. Also, it is not recommended to put full sentences. Sticking to few words with matching images is a way better idea.

Simplicity is the key

To make a professional presentation there is no need to create super complex design. You should act on the opposite. Keep in mind that your target audience will view PowerPoint slides from a certain distance. That is why you should avoid using ornate fonts and detailed images. From far they look very confusing and chaotic. Stick to basic fonts and simple images. Your presentation should be clear to everyone.

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