Windows Mobile – How To Add And Remove Transitions Between PowerPoint Slides

Let’s have a look how to work with transitions. In this tutorial you will learn how to add a new transition or remove the transitions you do not need anymore on your PowerPoint slides.

Adding new transitions:
  • Start with opening PowerPoint presentation.

  • Go to the tab “Transitions”.

    Transitions tab

  • If you use Windows Phone, you will need to tap twice PowerPoint slide that you want and then press “More” (see the right side bottom of your phone screen), then press the tab “Home” and click “Transitions”.

  • You can see the down arrow, which you have to tap in order to expand the section “Transition Effects”. Now, you have access to all available transitions which are well-managed in the group categories: “Subtle”, “Exciting”, and “Dynamic”.

    Transition effects

  • You can select any transition you like (for example “Morph”), tap it and your PowerPoint slide will turn into the next PowerPoint slide gradually.

  • In order to choose the direction of your selected transition, you have to tap “Effect Options”.

    Effect options

  • Now, a new transition effect has been applied to your PowerPoint slide. You can preview it tapping “Preview”.

    Transitions preview

  • If you want to apply the same transition effect to the entire PowerPoint presentation, you will need to tap “Apply to All”.

    Removing excising transitions:
  • Start with tapping the tab “Transitions”. If you use any model of Windows Phone, you will need to tap twice a needed PowerPoint slide, then press “More” > “Home” > “Transitions”.

  • Expand the section “Transition Effects”.

  • Finally tap “None”.

    Remove transitions

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